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About Us

MaxamStars and our story.

MaxamStars is a family-owned company. Founded with love by Matthew and Amanda, dad and mom inspired by their two children boy and girl. Our mission is creating the highest quality, fashion design, and multifunctional baby goods.

Hi, I am Amanda. I am a home stay mom and I am a co-founder of MaxamStars. I was blessed that I had an opportunity to stay at home and spent whit our youngest baby first two years of his life.

A little bit before his second birthday, he started to visit the kindergarten. I was watched him, how confident and independent he was walking through the kindergarten door. This was first steps of his own independent life. The lifeline between us was cut down the second time. And as a mom, I felt that the best that I can give to my child future is that I go on whit my own life too, and become a good role model to him.

After a few weeks, the story of the MaxamStars was born. My husband supports me and the business story of MaxamStars became our common life changing project.

We produce baby bandana drool bibs that all baby, toddlers, and infants worldwide adore. Especially moms are a huge fan of our bibs. Because the bibs are super absorbent, made of the highest quality 100% soft organic cotton and they are so cute that your baby can drool in style and stay clean and dry clothes all day long.

We are so glad and appreciate that you are spending time whit us and use our bandana bibs. We kindly invite you to become our special MaxamStars member and enjoy our life long special bonuses.

With lots of love best regards,
Amanda with Matthew and our MaxamStars Team